Saturday, July 20, 2013

FunSpot Walkthrough 2013 Floor 1

Finally we're at the final part of our 2013 tour of FunSpot with the final floor. The first floor now houses the newly restored Hit The Bear game that was featured on The History Channel's American Restoration. Unlike the Sea Skate on the second floor, sadly the game is for display only. It's a shame because after watching the episode and seeing it in person it's really nice and I would have loved to have tried it. They also had another Duck Hunting game that used light guns (Pretty sure it's the same one that's in the original Karate Kid movie) but it's been missing for a few years. They also have the Mortal Kombat trilogy, the awesome air hockey area that's sectioned off so no flying pucks throughout the arcade and the major racing games, both Daytona's and the newer NASCAR game running the Road and Track update.

I also was able to take with the owner of FunSpot, Bob Lawton. The man is 81 years old and he is still at it. Every time I go there he's always there doing something. Even though that weekend of the tournament it was blazing hot, he was still outside on the giant tractor mowing the grass. That's dedication!

Hope you liked this week of videos of FunSpot! Be sure to check in next week for a two part tour of the 3rd largest arcade in the world! The Pinball Wizard's Arcade!

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