Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Pinball Wizard's Arcade Walkthrough Tour 2013 (Part 1)

Finally, here is the first of a two part HD quality tour of The Pinball Wizard's Arcade in Pelham New Hampshire. It's taken me a few years but I was finally able to make it and let me tell you, it's well worth the trip. For a few years I've known the owner Sarah St. John. She runs another company called "My Arcade Repair" and she's also helped out at FunSpot for a few years helping cleaning pinball tables and getting the games in shape for the annual tournament. A few years ago she told me she was going to gather up her collection of games and open up her own arcade and holy shit did she ever. Inside you'll find over 300 different arcade games and pinball machines, making The Pinball Wizard's Arcade the 3rd largest arcade in the world, according to our good friends over at

She has a lot of unique games like both of Bally/Midway's pinball and arcade hybrid games, Granny and The Gators and Baby Pac-Man which both sadly were out of order. She also had a really rare Gottlieb arcade game called Exterminator which is a really odd game, think of the fly swatter game in Mario Paint where you crush flies, it's weird. Also for some reason she has the Japanese version of Sailor Moon housed inside of a 500 pound monster of a Ninja Gaiden cab. I'll have a review of Sailor Moon along with the Data East classic, Karnov. Of course the pinball is the star of the show. Sarah and the other guys working there keep the machines in excellent working order. In the video you'll see a Wizard of Oz machine, which is actually one of the prototype units. Now if you go the machine has been updated to the official hardware so you can actually get high scores and do some of the objectives.

Be sure to come on back on Friday for the second part!

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