Friday, July 26, 2013

The Pinball Wizard's Arcade Walkthrough Tour 2013 (P.2)

Here is the second and final part of our walkthrough tour of The Pinball Wizard's Arcade in Pelaham, New Hampshire. This final part of the tour shows off more of Sarah's arcade game collection as well as the ticket redemption games. Some games to note in this video include a really rare Atari game called Arabian, Atomic Punk 2/Bomberman World. Nudge-It! from Gottlieb (Be sure to check out both video reviews 2600 did!) Super Mario Mushroom World, Mr. Driller inside of an 80's Taito cab and Hot Rod from Sega.

Also at the end of the video I show off what's behind the prize counter. When I got there Sarah and her crew were working on two games and you can even see the very rare Williams tester board that she can use to help diagnose any problems on any late 80's game. She also has a Data East one in her workshop as well. Unfortunately I missed out on one area of machines. On the first part of the tour you'll see the back "party room" that also doubles as storage. The back room is massive and has almost the same amount of machines that's already out on the main floor. Sarah told me if she had the room to put out all of the games she owns she'd have over 600 games!  The back party room has a Pump-It Up machine (the only music game in the whole arcade) Stern's Rollercoaster Tycoon, William's Terminator 2 and a very rare home use only version of Fireball that was sold in the 1970's in the good ol' Sears Wish Book for 700 dollars.

Hope you enjoyed this look at The Pinball Wizard's Arcade. We've still got tons of videos from FunSpot, and one more from Pinfest that will be uploaded soon! Thanks for checking out the video and be sure to like, subscribe and follow us on all your favorite social media sites!

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