Friday, July 12, 2013

Hersheypark's Minetown Arcade Walkthrough Tour (June 2013)

Sorry for taking so long to upload this to the site. A few days ago we had a power surge here and it knocked out the monitor I've been using that was already on it's last legs. Thankfully I had already put my batch of finished videos onto my portable hard drive so I had to just hook it up to my dad's laptop to port the videos over while I go out this weekend to get another screen.

Here's the video I took of the Hersheypark Minetown arcade from a few weeks ago. As I say in the video if you saw last year's video pretty much anything that didn't work right last year got taken off the floor and is now stored over in the back row behind Hydro Thunder and Brave Firefighters. While a lot were down I'm still happy and amazed that Hershey keeps their old games up and running year after year. It's a miracle that Dragon's Lair is still running on the original laserdisc and Hercules had enough juice to make it up the ramps. (Still not enough to go all the way around, but it's still a lot stronger then it's been in recent years.) Toobin' got an LCD screen upgrade and it looked and played really good. I wonder if some of the other games will get new screens but as of now only Toobin' was upgraded, while Bad Dudes needed some help.

Sadly the pinball is really lacking. While they leave many of the games on they all have out of order stickers on them. That still doesn't stop people peeling back the stickers and putting quarters in only to find out they don't work right. One thing got me a little upset there. Hersheypark has a great deal called the Sunset or Preview pass that lets you enter the park the night before about 3 hours before they close and you get to go the next day all for the same price. So before the park closed was when I did the video and had time to play a few games, one of them being the Monopoly pinball machine from Stern. The game was playing really good, only thing I really noticed wrong was the lower cluster of pop bumpers didn't fire off and the ball would scream down the left ally. So when we got there on Saturday I decided to go right for the arcade to get some video reviews, which I only did Ninja Warriors since the giant PINBALL neon light above Hercules caused WAY too much glare. So after Ninja Warriors I decided to play a few games of Monopoly and it was working just like the night before. The thing I like with the Monopoly is they set the replay too low, only 10 million so you can rack up free games easy. While I was playing through my free games I noticed workers putting change into the machine next to the Monopoly and I noticed the entire time they were glaring at me, I didn't pay any mind and kept playing till I ran out of credits and went to tackle some more rollercoasters. Then like the night before I returned back to the arcade half and hour before they closed. I found they had put an out of order sticker on the Monopoly. I looked all over the playfield and saw nothing wrong with it so like everybody else, I peeled back the sticker and threw 50 cents and lo and behold NOTHING was wrong with it. I'm not sure if they put it on there to stop me from beating the shit out of it or maybe somebody had a problem with the coin mech eating quarters but there was nothing wrong with it.

Other then that I didn't bother taking a video of the other arcade since the only addition was a sad Initial D Version 3 that lacked a card reader, had a terrible wheel and the sound was turned down WAY too low. Which defeats the purpose of playing the game if you can't hear the amazingly cheesy Eurobeat soundtrack. Sadly they got rid of the Dirty Drivin' and the Wizard of Oz token pusher which I have no idea why since people were dumping money into both games.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video. Be sure to tune in all this month for more walkthrough videos including the two part tour of Pinball Wizard's Arcade in Pellam NH and the 2013 three part tour of FunSpot!

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