Thursday, July 4, 2013

Reciprocal Skateboards July 2013 Tour

Hey folks! Hope you all here in the states have a great 4th of July and also everybody in Canada I hope you had a great Canada Day. (Should have posted that one when the WoZ video went up) Since I already had my camera set up I decided to take another walkthrough tour of the skate shop when I visited last weekend. Since the last tour you'll notice some games have gone and some new ones have taken their place. Star Trek The Next Generation has returned from storage taking Twilight Zone's spot and Jon and Bryan finally got the reset issue fixed so it's working real nice. Cirqus Voltaire was also fixed up. Of all the CV's I've played this ranks as one of the best. It's also got a purple light tube in in which I don't think I've seen often. Also brought in from my good friend Brendan from the Long Island Arcade Club is a really minty Jackbot from Williams. Bryan fixed up the flippers and gave it a nice cleaning with the good ol' NOVUS and the game was playing REALLY fast. Jon had also gotten the playfield for his No Fear back from getting clear coated and let me tell you something right now folks, that shit scares me. For those of you who know No Fear is one hell of a fast game and the way Jon usually sets up his tables this game is going to be a real challenge.

Oh, yeah. They also got Wizard of Oz!

Also as I say in the video this coming Saturday July 6th they will be hosting the Sito Pinball Tournament. The event will take place all day Saturday. You pay 10 dollars to enter and also for the cost of the games. You can enter as many times as you like throughout all of Saturday till they close. The top players will come back to play again on Sunday. The top four players get a free entree into this year's annual PAPA tournament and also the top three get really cool hand made trophies! Be sure to check them out if you're going to be in the NYC area this weekend!

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