Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stern's Star Trek Teaser Trailer

The worst kept secret in pinball finally has a teaser trailer. Yes, even though Stern has been listed on the official Star Trek website as a licensee to make pinball machines for a few months, now we finally have video of what Steve Richie has been working on after his last game, AC/DC. Knowing how Stern's been doing this by tomorrow (the 11th) they'll have more pictures of what the Limited Edition and Premium playfields will look like, but until then you can check out what the stock "Pro" model looks like from our good friends at Pinball News.

Pinball News' Coverage on Star Trek

Right off the bat I noticed they killed off any doubts I had of them using giant Photoshopped pictures of the cast in "action poses" and thankfully it has a nice bright art style to it. The other thing I noticed was the lack of the cannons. A lot of people thought this was going to be like a new Star Trek: The Next Generation with the duel cannons to launch probes but it looks like we've just got a third flipper to shoot for combo shots. Finally I was also happy to see classic wireform ramps! Still some plastic but it's great to see more metal on Stern's games and not cheap plastic that they've been using for years.

The final thing that everybody's been taking about is that Stern did not use an LCD screen. There has been rumors for a few months saying they would finally ditch the old DMD style displays but people are saying it was pushed back for Star Trek and maybe it will be on the next game, but then again that's been going around for a while. I just hope they can deliver on a fun and enjoyable game that fans and non fans of Trek will enjoy.

Edit September 12th. Just like clockwork Stern has shown off all three versions of the game. This will be Stern's first all LED lit game from the Pro model to the LE. The Pro model lacks the usual inside lock bar but also lacks a toy of the Enterprise, metal ramps, the middle toy doesn't shake and the left lane lacks a kickback. Plus the LED lights are normal white while the ones on the other two are multicolored. Not sure if that's worth an extra 2,000 dollars for the upgraded lights and toys, but we'll see how it is when it's finally released.

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