Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Disney Quest Walkthrough Tour 2013 (Part 1)

Two years ago when I visited Disney with my family I thought it'd be great to finally get a video tour of Disney Quest. I hadn't been there in years and I wanted to see if they've done anything to the place. Little did I know that the first part of the video would be one of our most watched videos. The first part of the video I took back in 2011 has over 21,000 hits and the second and third parts have over 11,000 combined. I think it goes to show that even though Disney hasn't done anything with the place, people are still interested in the place to want to check it out. So when I visited this past summer I decided to go again for a more in depth tour that finally includes the lower two floors that I didn't film in the last round of videos. 

This year Disney Quest celebrated their 15th anniversary with no fanfare whatsoever. There wasn't any parades, no special promotion, toys or t-shirts. All they got was a one sentence and picture on the official Walt Disney World Facebook page. Which is why in the intro I call it the "C.M Punk of Disney" because while the place is there and people visit, it's not really given any thought from Disney. Whenever you stay at a Disney resort your TV is automatically set to go to the channel that runs the "What to Do at Disney Channel" with the most cheerful host ever. When I watched it this time not only did they not mention Quest but they instead showed the host bowling at the new Splitsville bowling ally that just opened. 

When I visited I made sure to wear a shirt I got 15 years ago. It's a nice button up shirt with an embroidered Disney Quest logo above the pocket. I got nothing but complements from all the workers I spoke to. Most of them didn't even know the store on the first floor sold Disney Quest related products and wasn't a generic Disney Store. It was also then when I was speaking to the workers on the future of Disney Quest. Nobody knows how long the place will be there. 

For a while now Disney has been teasing a new expansion to Downtown Disney called Disney Springs. Right now they've been gutting most of what used to be Pleasure Island. What's unknown now is exactly how much of the current Downtown Disney Westside is going to be shut down. Considering they just put in Splitsville I don't think they'll be totally knocking down the buildings and telling them to move. From what many of the workers told me they didn't know if they'd make it into the plans or not. The one girl told me before she started the elevator, "If you brought a camera, be sure to take a lot of photos because I don't know how much longer we're going to be here for."

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the second part where I'll be covering the 4th floor of the arcade! 

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