Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Disney Quest Walkthrough Tour 2013 (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of our new 2013 tour of Disney Quest in Orlando! Today we're going up to the 4th floor to see what's new. As you can see the video's a bit shorter because it got REALLY crowded. I've noticed the worse the weather, the more crowded Quest gets. So if it's like when I went and the afternoons are 95 degree heat and 100% humidity or it's coming down in buckets a lot of people tend to visit quest. Which sucks for me because I wasn't able to get half of the room filled with the kids games or the sit down area where it was pretty much non interested parents just dicking around with their cellphones.

The 4th floor is home to the Virtual Reality game known as Ride The Comix, the game used to also be on the 5th floor but due to the game's age they consolidated it onto the 4th floor. Let me tell you, this game is OLD. I was speaking to a worker that told me he watches them power the game on in the morning and when it boots up their greeted to the Windows 95 screen. At the time the game was a lot of fun. You go into a comic book world where your given pretty much a Lightsaber that you use to bat around all sorts of baddies. It's cool that you can play the game as a team, when you look around you can see the other people in the game playing at the same time. Depending on how well you do determines which one of the boss characters you fight. I have played against the top two bosses but which sucks about the game is since your playing as a team, if one player doesn't beat their boss the whole game is over. I would LOVE to see them upgrade this game and port it to the Oculus Rift, same with the Magic Carpet game.

Floor 4 also has a lot of games including tons of air hockey, music games like FIVE Guitar Hero Arcade's, DDR, Pump it Up and DJ Max. They also have two units of Sega's Tetris Giant and it's the only place I've ever played the game. The giant "Decacon" controllers are fun to use because they also have force feedback and depending on how many lines you get the more the controller shakes, so only little jolts for a single and double, but it goes nuts when you do get a Tetris. The 4th floor also has one of my favorite games from Midway that I never see anymore, Trog. I LOVED this game as a kid and I would just dump money in to see the end of it. I wonder if it's the same unit I played when it was at the Dixie Landings (now known as the French Quarter) when I was a kid.

So that there is floor 4. Tomorrow we're going up to the 5th floor with more 80's classics, Skee-Ball and the Pinball! So be sure to like, subscribe and follow us so you don't miss it!

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