Thursday, October 3, 2013

Disney Quest Walkthrough Tour 2013 (Part 3)

Welcome back to part 3 of our new 2013 tour of Disney Quest. In this video we're going up to the 5th floor where the pinball and a huge number of classic arcade games live. While they have a really good selection of games the quality of them are hit and miss. Both Tron and Discs of Tron need new spinners but that doesn't stop people from playing them, due to the whole arcade being free to play.

The biggest thing about this floor is the pinball and it's what A LOT of people comment on. I always seem to get at least one person that's so excited to go to Disney Quest because they the videos and see the large amount of games they have. While they do have the most of all the Disney resorts and parks, they have the worst quality machines in Disney. All that stems to the games being on free play. Kids will run up and slam the start button and slam the flippers, most of them not knowing to plunge the ball. When the ball does get in play the plastics and toys get destroyed. Being able to speak to the technicians at Disney they tell me it's next to impossible to keep the games running because of this. One tech told me he took the Tron Legacy off the line, re-did everything, put in new flippers and made sure everything worked. He got called two days later because something had broken down.

The worst is the new Avengers Premium game they had there. Number 35 has been beaten to death. The Tessaract Cube has completely broken off leaving just the two posts there. The biggest thing is the main toy, The Hulk. I was told by another tech that Hulk "Smashed the ball through the table." According to the tech during multiball the Hulk's arms hit the ball so hard it went through the eject hole that's in front of him. Now the HULK targets are broken and Hulk's arms are stuck upwards so he can't hit the balls anymore, but he still moves side to side.

One of the things I had to take back was the Global VR Pinball Classic machine. When I last visited I played both of the machines because I wanted to know if there was something wrong with the one I was playing. The version I first played had such a delay from when you hit the buttons to the flippers going it was awful. I tried five games and they all played the same. Thankfully they seem to have fixed the delay and it plays MUCH better. The only thing is the physics aren't up to snuff compared to Zen and Pinball Arcade.

So that's a look at floor 5. Last time this is where I stopped because I had thought there were no other arcade games on the first two floors....I was wrong. So tomorrow we're going to finish things off with a look at floor 2 and floor 1! So be sure to come back tomorrow!

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