Thursday, October 17, 2013

The King of Kong Arcade 2013 Walkthrough Tour

Time to wrap up the batch of videos I took on my vacation back in August. We finish things off with The King of Kong Arcade that's located in the Orlando Airport. Just like the last video I took two years ago the arcade still lacks the game the arcade is named after, Donkey Kong! When I visited the first time a few years ago they did have a non working Kong Off unit decorated for Halloween and a few months ago my friend Eric (one of the finalists from Kong Off) sent out a photo of a Nintendo triple unit (DK,DKJr and Mario Brothers) in the arcade so I had thought they finally got the message. Turns out they must have gotten rid of it in favor of games that might make more money.

It's sad while the theme of the arcade is great they just have games every other arcade has, making it really generic. Arcades now are becoming like a background of an old Hanna Barbara cartoon. Light gun game. Racing game. Air Hockey. Basketball game. Prize Grabber. Game based off a popular app. Call it an arcade. There's no innovation anymore. I have to hand it to companies that are still keeping arcades alive but I'd just like to see different games. It's a shame we'll never see stuff like we did in the 70's, 80's and 90's because everybody wants to go where the money is with mobile and console gaming.

Also the other thing you'll notice from the last video is they got rid of the gigantic counter that took up much of the arcade where they sold t-shirts and Billy's famous hot sauce. I guess it wasn't TSA approved to bring the sauce on a flight, shame because it's pretty tasty. It's nice there's an arcade there, but it's nowhere near the quality that the old "Alien Attack" was back in the 90's.

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