Sunday, October 13, 2013

New York Comic Con Wrap Up

Saturday Afternoon at NYCC 2013

Sorry for not posting for the past few days. I was planning on Friday but I decided to get some sleep for Saturday which turned out to be the best idea, because as you see in the picture there was A LOT of people yesterday at the convention. Pretty much everybody I spoke to agrees. While when you say there was over 100,000 people there, it's just a real pain trying to get to places. It's worse for people in costume. One guy told me it took him over two hours to make it from one side of the main floor to the other since everybody wanted to take a picture with him. 

Here's how my Saturday went at the con. 

It took me almost 45 minutes to get from the Press Entrance to the back of the artist ally to get TMNT Co-Creator Kevin Eastman's autograph. After over two and a half hours of waiting we got told that he had to go for a panel, but he'd be back later in the day. That didn't stop Kevin from giving out signatures as he left and thankfully he signed my TMNT color graphic novel. I even asked him if he ever got the TMNT arcade game or pinball machine and he said he used to have the arcade game but his cousin stole it from him when he moved and never gave it back. After I got my signature I ate lunch with, Batman, Robin, Glactus, Poison Ivy and Thanos and went over to the panel rooms.

I asked a staff member was it true that they weren't allowed to kick people from the rooms and he said yes, it's a New York State law because it caused too much confusion. It turned out the panel for the Nintendo Street Pass Clubs had already started, so I got in line. While I was in line I took out my 3DS and my new copy of Pokemon X and started it up. The game has it's own Street Pass feature that will let you know if there's other people in the area also playing X and Y. When I was finally in the room I had gotten over 170 other players, and the game had only been out (officially) for a few hours! 

After the Street Pass panel they had the cast of TBS's King of The Nerds. Didn't care much for the show since the supposed "Video Game Expert" thought Steve Weibe and Billy Mitchel created Pong and the final person was basically chosen as a popularity contest and not about what they actually did on the show. Thankfully the first question they got was about that and they said they noticed that right after they were done filming it and they changed it up for the next season. They also said they had more types of nerds with a puppeteer, a theater nerd and a book nerd will be in the cast as well. I also liked that they are going to have a challenge that looks like Tron so it'll be worth checking out.

The last panel I attended on Saturday was the "I Know That Voice!" panel hosted by John DiMaggio who does the voice of Marcus in Gears of War and of course Bender. The movie's a love letter to voice acting and he said he had to take over 100 hours of footage and condense it down into a feature. He said he's going to try to include some of the stuff that didn't make it into the final cut onto the DVD release. It was also great the panel had Billy West, Rob Paulson and director Andrea Romano who's done pretty much every popular animated series released in the past 30 years. (Batman The Animated Series, Avatar The Last Airbender and Sponge Bob) It was great to be in a room with s many people that I grew up listening to as a kid and hearing the stories behind them working. 

I'll have some videos of Thursday and also my first experence with the Nintendo 3DS Street Pass coming up after my final Florida video, a tour of the King of Kong Arcade! 

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