Thursday, November 21, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013

Sorry this one took so long to get out there. With trips and other events coming first this one kept getting pushed back. The major reason why was that I just got horrible videos at the convention. The New York Comic Con 2013 was one of the most crowded conventions I have ever been too. I know it sounds great when they advertise a convention when they say they had record attendance. They can put out a press release saying how they had over 100,000 people attend when the Javitts Center can't hold that many.

Saturday was just pure hell trying to get anywhere and since they can't empty out panel rooms if you want to see any panel, even if it's not a major media event one like the Nintendo 3DS Street Pass Community panel, you've got to be on line at least an hour before the panel starts. Even with passes being more expensive in recent years that doesn't hold people back from coming. I would really wish they'd limit the amount of tickets they sell just so you can move around in the hall. All the video I shot was on Thursday the day that was supposed to be set aside for media members and people that paid for Thursday Only and 4 Day passes and still the crowd felt like a late Saturday with a ton of people.

I was also a bit disappointed that some companies didn't attend this year. With the new consoles on the horizon I would have liked to have tried the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Jersey Jack was getting ready for the Chicago Pinball Expo so they didn't have a booth and for some reason Stern keeps missing the boat and they haven't yet had a Marvel table at the show. Considering the rumors of The Walking Dead and Hunger Games coming next it'd be great advertising if they could get more of the fans to see their games because they had a lot of positive press when they had games at the San Diego Comic Con. Also while Shifty Look from Namco/Bandai did have a booth and t-shirts they sadly did not bring any arcade games with them, while they did have the new Adventure Time game and Earth Defense Force.

It was great to be able to go to the convention as a press member and I would like to thank the staff at the NYCC for allowing me to do so. I just wish I was able to get up to more of the stuff without being so crowded by tons of people.

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