Sunday, November 17, 2013

Modern Pinball NYC's Grand Opening Tournament

Yesterday, Modern Pinball NYC hosted their first ever tournament that was in conjunction with the IFPA's Flip Off Hunger tournament series where a part of the proceeds went to charity. We helped raise $1,000 for the Food Bank of New York! As you can see from the video they have added in a lot more games since my visit a few weeks ago. Some new games you'll see, Elvira's Scarred Stiff, Avatar LE, World Poker Tour, Pirates of The Caribbean, The Avengers Premium Edition, Fish Tales, Whirlwind and I actually show off Capcom's Flipper Football that's tucked away in the corner. (Both Flipper Football and Punchy The Clown were used in the early rounds of the tournament but taken out since the games can go on a bit longer)

Sadly, I got knocked out of the tournament early on. They had 63 registured players with a four strikes and you're out rule. I had won one game on Scarred Stiff but ended up having to play against my friend Francesco on Transformers and Whitewater and somebody else I just met in Family Guy and that ended my chances real quick. Thankfully the two games with Fran were close, but I totally bricked it on Family Guy. Newcomer Robert Wong won after beating another one of my friend's, Alberto on Theatre of Magic.

Big thanks to everybody at Modern, Steve Bowden and everybody for showing up and making this tournament a huge success. Can't wait for the next one.

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