Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Arcade Hunters Preview: Stern Pinball's Star Trek

Here's a sadly out of date video of Stern Pinball's newest machine, Star Trek from designer Steve Ritchie. It figures. Not even a week after I took this video Stern went and released a new code that fixed a lot of what talk about in this video. Also thankfully Bowen over at PAPA did a live tutorial of the game and helped explain a lot of the games rules that frankly not a lot of us knew about. When you play the game you get six missions to choose from. They pretty much just boil down to hitting the flashing lit shots. In the early code people would let the mode time out and only hit the last shot in order to get credit and go towards the Kobayashi Maru Multiball mode where you can score a ton of points.

Right now their still working on the code for the game. With the new limited edition and premium editions their going to have a lot more rules in effect to add into the game. The biggest problem I have with the game is the way the modes are presented. You really don't feel like you're doing anything. In Star Trek: The Next Generation all the modes felt different. In the Asteroid Threat mode you had to hit up the center to destroy a huge asteroid coming towards the Enterprise, after shooting it the rest of the lanes lit up and you had to destroy the other asteroid fragments before time ran out. The way the game feels now is like Stern's pervious game, Transformers. It doesn't matter what mode it is the whole objective is shoot the flashing shots until the timer runs out. In later modes of the game they do change it up. I kinda wish they would have gone with that because I'm not that good, now, to complete all six modes then the wizard mode.

Well, other then that I have some news to announce! My friends over at Modern Pinball in New York City will be hosting their Grand Opening Tournament this Saturday, November 16th with doors opening at 10 to when they close at 2AM! Admission for the tournament is 40 dollars with half the money being donated to the NYC Food Bank. So come on down, play some pinball and help out a good cause too!

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