Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pinball Hall of Fame "Quick" Walkthrough Tour 2013

Hey folks, Nick back from Las Vegas with tons of new videos for you! I had wanted to upload this video on Thursday since I saw 2600 was unable to post a video this week and then it happened. The dreaded new YouTube update. Yes, by now you've heard how Google has changed up the comments section so you must be a member of Google+ in order to post a comment. My problem was much different and very annoying. I had tried to upload the video to the "Arcade Hunters" section of YouTube but it kept wanting to post the video to the Google based email account the channel is connected to, so to save bandwidth I just waited until today and I did the duel upload from Blip to YouTube. I know next to nobody watches our videos on Blip but I like to try to have the videos out in multiple places. Plus Blip hasn't banned certain videos like the Skit-B Pinball Predator video that had gotten flagged from 20th Century Fox. So you can post clips of the movie all you want but if you go and post a video of the pinball machine based on it? Hell no according to the powers that be!

Keep in mind with this video I miss a few rows because I wanted to be quicker but knowing me I like to ramble on. The full version in HD is going to span over twenty minutes and I will have it up soon after I get some older videos out of the way that have yet to be uploaded. I've got my video of the New York Comic Con, Stern's Star Trek being played on the older code and Jersey Jack's Wizard of Oz on the newest code. (Hopefully they won't issue a new code update by the time I upload it next week!)

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