Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pinball Hall of Fame @ The Riviera 2013 Walkthough Tour

Hey folks. I've been under the weather so I haven't been able to fix up the unboxing video I was working on. It's like clockwork I always get sick around Christmas. Three days ago I felt like my throat was getting sore then the next day hit me like a truck so I've been doing the usual overdosing on Vitamin C and watching Netflix.

Today's video I hope doesn't get flagged since "Heaven is a Place on Earth" was blasting as I shot it... This is a look at the smaller, "satellite" Pinball Hall of Fame in the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. All of the games in here are also stuff that Tim Arnold owns and unlike the main location they don't close. So if you've got a pinball itch you need to scratch at 4:30 in the morning you can head down there and play till the sun comes up.

The best thing about this location is not many people know about it. For the two hours I was there only two other people came in to play games. They also offer games you can't find at the main location on Tropicana like World Poker Tour, CSI, Vegas, both NBA games and a lot of older 10 ball games from Gottlieb.

There's also a bonus towards the end of the video of the arcade in Treasure Island. I had no idea they still had a game room and I found it as I was up in the morning looking to get breakfast. As usual it's a typical arcade. Nothing but claw games, driving games and light gun shooters, with DDR and Tekken 5 DR sprinkled in. It's sad but that's what things are turning into. Unless they roll it into a game you can play to win tickets I'll doubt we'll ever see more arcade titles like Mario Brothers, Joust and Robotron ever again.

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