Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Arcade Hunters Review: Sailor Moon The Arcade Game

Well, I had wanted to get a video out today of the unboxing of the Wizard of Oz pinball machine we did this week at our friend's Steve's house but my computer crashed midway through so I was left with nothing. I'm about to head out for Christmas Eve dinner with my family and I had to put something up. So while I try to sort out what's wrong with the video here's a look at the final game I got video of on my trip to the Pinball Wizard Arcade in New Hampshire, Sailor Moon: The Arcade Game.

Sarah had this game running in one of the giant monster Ninja Gaiden cabs and she told me that the kids really like it..even though Sailor Moon hasn't been on US television in over 10 years. Sailor Moon was my "Gateway Drug" into the world of Japanese Animation. Even though I was a fan of stuff produced in Japan like Transformers and even when MTV used to air reruns of Speed Racer at midnight, Sailor Moon was my "first anime' followed by the original Dragon Ball. Which I all saw on WPIX Channel 11 here in New York.

To keep things short, the game looks and sounds like the anime, but it's REALLY hard. Being a game made for kids you'd think they'd tone the difficulty down but they wanted money from kid's pockets. I'll finish this up after the hollidays are done.

Until then have a great one and we'll see you back soon!

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