Friday, December 20, 2013

Pinball Hall of Fame Walkthrough Part 2 (2013)

Sorry for having this one up so late. I had uploaded it a few hours ago and realized that I didn't watch the finished cut....because for some reason there was no sound on the video. I have no idea why but somehow the sound got totally cut, so I had to run the videos through Vegas and put the video up...again.

Part two of this tour shows off the Solid State Era games. There's a few EM's sprinkled in but it's mostly stuff from the 70's, 80's and 90's. One thing to point out early in the video I make some comments about the Gottlieb game, Goin' Nuts. What I meant to say is the game at the Pinball Hall of Fame is the 3rd out of ten that were ever made. Not 1 out of 3 like I said in the video.

Some new games that were added since my last visit were, William's Red and Ted's Roadshow, Sega's Apollo 13, Data East's Royal Rumble and Bally's Indy 500. The last row of the museum is actually arcade games, which I'm glad they offer even though it is the PINBALL Hall of Fame. They have some of the classics like Donkey Kong, Vs. Super Mario Brothers and Tron. They also have some MAME units which is good to offer more games since they don't have the space for more games. The most unique game they have in the arcade row is a European import of Atari's Missile Command. In Europe Sega published many of Atari's games and Missile Command was one of them. Somehow the game made it's way to the states and now resides in the museum. It uses the smaller trackball which I know some people prefer over the larger one that many of the units in North America had.

Overall I had a fantastic time at the Hall of Fame. Sadly I didn't have time to visit some of the other places in Las Vegas that I had planned on visiting, but I was able to get a lot of videos on some great games! So be sure to stay tuned for them!

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