Sunday, February 16, 2014

John's Home Gameroom Tour (Feb 2014)

Hey folks! Nick here back once again with another special arcade walkthrough tour video! As I've said before I normally don't want to feature private places because well, they're private and not open to the public. I mostly like to do the videos to showcase a place where you can visit and see for yourself, but if you saw the video I shot last year, you know that this has to be seen to be believed.

Last week John once again invited some of us over to his place to check out his amazing home gameroom. Some of the games from the previous video have been moved out with a lot of new games on their way in. John was telling me he got some of the games in that morning and he was working on setting them up for the party. He recently restored a very rare Atari Quantum cab. For some reason the game didn't do well and they where rumored to stopped production around 500 units. It's only the second Quantum game I've played with the one at FunSpot in New Hampshire being the first. John was telling me he was unhappy with the conversion cab of Atari's Escape from The Planet of The Robot Monsters and he ended up finding an official, dedicated version of the game that had just been set up that day. He also had gotten in a very rare game, Super Bagman. According to KLOV there's ten known but a lot of people are thinking it might be half that amount.

We're going to have some special video reviews of some of the games at his game room so be sure you check back in for more!

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