Thursday, February 13, 2014

Atari's Triple Hunt: Hit The Bear

2600 is back once again with a video we shot at FunSpot during the last tournament. This time we're checking out a rare game from Atari called Triple Hunt running "Hit The Bear" there's also a witch and raccoon game that the operator could interchange. The game also has an 8-Track player for some of the sound effects. I'm thinking maybe they had sounds of bears growling but the game just makes an "Errrr!!' sound effect every time you hit it.

There's also another Hit The Bear game that you may have seen on the History Channel's American Restoration show that's located on the 1st floor. Sadly they have the game roped off and you can't play it. They do have it set up so you can see the episode of them restoring the game as well as some of the advertising they used to sell the game but it's a shame you can't use it like the Sea-Skate ride on the second floor. I mentioned the fact you can't play the game to the guys at The Pinball Hall of Fame since they did all of the electronics and they where very surprised by that. They said they had put in some high powered LED's into the gun to replace the old light bulb and it should be able to take the abuse of being in an arcade. I guess since it cost them so much to get it restored they decided to keep it as a museum piece, but I would have really loved to play it.  

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