Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stern Pinball's Iron Man

Hey folks. New York's been getting slammed by snow and today, ice so here's something for you to watch while you're digging out. Today we're looking at 2010's Iron Man from Stern Pinball! This game was designed by John Borg and it's a bit of a redesign of Austin Powers. I think when a lot of people heard this and the early reviews were coming out that left a lot of people sour to the game. However, over time people's moods have changed and now Iron Man is a sought after game that's used a lot in tournaments due to it's difficulty. In Austin Powers instead of a normal spinner there was a toy figure of Mini-Me and a toilet bowl shot, with that it really slowed the game down. Plus most of the AP's I played had really lousy flippers that couldn't make the game's center shot.

Iron Man is super fast and a lot of people hate that about the game. I remember playing it the first time at Captain Kirk's and couldn't keep the game in play and backed off of it. Thankfully at the Pinball Hall of Fame most of the games are set for five ball play so you can get a lot out of them. With the game I played I got most of my points on the first ball. I was really surprised I was able to get onto the top five on the game since a lot of great players visit the museum.

Make sure you don't pass the game up if you see one. Just watch the magnets and the War Machine kicker and keep the ball in control and you'll have a good time.

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