Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dr. Dude and His Excellent Ray!

Hey folks. Well yesterday my buddy Brendan called me and asked me if I wanted to head over to his place to help him work on a couple of his pinball machines. If you watched the video I uploaded on Saturday you'll know he just got in a pinball machine called Transporter: The Rescue and he's been trying to figure out why the left kickback isn't working. While that game still needs to be fully shopped out he told me that he put in brand new flippers into his Dr. Dude so I fired up a game.

Dr. Dude was designed by Dennis Nordman who also created the Elvira games, Party Zone and Indy 500. The game came out in 1990 and was a big hit for Bally where they produced 4,000 units of the game. In the game you play as a normal, nerdy guy that can turn into the ultra 80's hip, Dr. Dude. The main thing you want to do is start the Multiball because during and after the mode all the scores are doubled. You need to hit the game's major features to start it. There's three targets that must be shot three times, there's the Magnetic Personality that has a magnet and will hold the ball for a few seconds, then there's the deadly shot called The Heart of Rock n' Roll and finally you have the Gift of Gab scoop shot. After you hit all three you're told to head up to the game's ramp with the Mix-Master. After the ball comes out of the Mix-Master you've got to sink the ball into the Excellent Ray and that will start your two ball Multiball.

The game is also available on the Pinball Arcade and it's a pretty good version but as always, nothing beats playing the real thing. Big thanks to Brendan for letting me get a video of the machine, if you'd like to know more about the arcade club, hit the link!

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