Saturday, January 25, 2014

L.I Arcade Club, Pinball News and Jew Wario

Hey folks, Nick here. Today's been very interesting. Last night I attended the January meetup of the Long Island Arcade Club and thought I'd take a little video showcasing the two new additions since I last took a video. They added in a very minty Galaxian cocktail table and a few months ago The Addams Family was sold and only last week Brendan replaced it in the lineup with a Bally, Transporter: The Rescue. Less then 900 units of the game were ever made and it's a fun little game. The game needs some new parts and as it plays now the flippers are really weak and there's no bounce to the flippers due to the rubber bands on it must have been on it originally. 

In the land of pinball news there was an announcement from Jersey Jack Pinball that legendary designer Pat Lawlor will be making a brand new, ORIGINAL THEME game for the company. I'm wondering if this is the "3rd Game" that everybody's been talking about that is supposed to come out after The Hobbit and wouldn't be a licensed theme. Hopefully that means we'll be seeing it around 2015 since their 2014 game is going to be The Hobbit by the time, "There and Back Again" hits the theaters. 

Today news broke on Stern's next game, Ford Mustang. (Not "50 Years of Mustang") A Ford website had a photo with a news blurb on what the overall machine looked like and was taken down but of course the fine folks at Pinball News where all over that. But that's not all, a Pro model of the game is at the NADA show in New Orleans where a member of Pinside got photos and has a low quality vertical video of the game being played. 

Early Video of Mustang (Facebook Link)

Finally a bit of sad news. On Thursday, Justin "Jew Wario" Carmical took his own life at the age of 42. I was a big fan of his "You Can Play This!" videos where he reviewed import video games. It's sad to hear that he's gone. I really enjoyed his videos and I wish his family and friends all the best in this difficult time. 

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