Friday, March 21, 2014

2600 Checks Out Stern's Star Trek LE

2600 is back with a look at Stern's newest Limited Edition version of Star Trek from The Pinball Wizard Arcade in New Hampshire. Owner Sarah has the game right next to her Wizard of Oz so it'll be interesting to see which game preforms better.

The LE and Premium versions of the game include some extra goodies not found on the Pro models, but the game is mostly the same. There isn't a ramp missing like on AC/DC or Avengers. There is a VUK (Vertical Up Kick) on the left that will put the ball on the ramp, rather then a normal kickout the pro has. Even though I've not played an LE/Premium version I feel that might be easier then on the Pro. I find the kickout on the Pro is a bit random so you gotta keep on your toes when the ball comes back. The left side also features a kickback to save the ball...for some reason this isn't on the Pro... The Pre/LE's also include a small Starship Enterprise toy on the right ramp and some "asteroids" that have extra flash LED's behind them. The Vengeance toy in the middle has an extra feature where it looks like it "crashes" into the playfield, while the one on the Pro just gets batted around. The last extra feature is a "Star Field Projector" which has red lights project on the playfield during multiball rounds. I've heard mixed things on this feature. Some say it's a neat effect and others think it's unneeded.

As always we'll be sure to update the videos of either version of Star Trek as the updates roll in. Stern recently re-posted the video teaser with Karl Urban on Twitter and Facebook this week which hopefully means the "Power Pack Update" that includes custom speech from Karl and of course new rules. Since the last video I took at Modern Pinball the game did get an update but this is being touted off as a big one, like the recent 1.5 and now the 1.5.1 code of Metallica that just came out.

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