Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gottlieb's Haunted House

Hey folks! Nick back once again with another video from The Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. Last year when I visited I kept going back to the final row of pinball machines because there Tim Arnold had two hard to find Gottlieb games. Black Hole and Haunted House. Back in the day both games where very popular and are very well known in the pinball world. Flash forward twenty plus years and these machines are getting harder and harder to find out in the wild in good condition. So to my surprise on the second day I visited Tim finally brought the Haunted House machine back to life!

Haunted House came out in 1982 and they made over 6,000 units of the game. The game's known for it's triple playfield design that makes the machine pretty beastly to move around. The game's main middle playfield has targets to score the extra ball, the top playfield is the attic of the Haunted House where you can flip to knock down targets to increase your bonus. Finally there's the basement level where the flippers are reversed and you can try to rack up multipliers and more score. Sadly to cut costs on the game there is no multiball present in the game, while there was a hack to add in multiball into it's sister game, Black Hole.

If you can't find a real Haunted House machine you can play some pretty good digital versions. Microsoft Pinball Arcade has the game (it's even the free table in the demo) and the new Pinball Arcade version is excellent and well worth checking out!

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