Tuesday, June 17, 2014

FunSpot Floors 2 and 1 Walkthrough Tour (June 2014)

Here's the second part of the walkthrough video of FunSpot in Weirs Beach. Sorry about the idiot kid in the beginning scaring a girl and the blood curdling scream. I was considering re-doing the video but since there was less then ten minutes before they shut down I figured, what the hell and kept filming. Sadly there's really nothing changed on the lower two levels at FunSpot. No new games, nothing old removed. The only new addition they got is the new deluxe marquee for Ice Game's Harpoon Lagoon which has been raking in the cash at arcades around America. The guys at FunSpot wisely got rid of the Ice Age game with Harpoon Lagoon last year and it's been doing REALLY well for them. They usually have to reload the game with tickets every weekend because it's been getting a lot of play.

The only other thing to note is they finally fixed the steering wheel on the deluxe OutRun and after being down for a while, Sega's "Let's Go! Jungle" is finally back up and running. Sadly on the first floor two units of Daytona USA and one unit of Daytona USA 2 where down. I had wanted to get a full 8 player race video for Daytona USA's 20th Anniversary but couldn't. We ended up having a few races with Rob Mruczek on Saturday but didn't film it. Hopefully next time we'll get one.

Be sure to check us out later in the week! I've got a special upload coming up as we'll be checking out Nintendo World in New York City and a whole whopping minute of the brand new Smash Brothers on Wii-U!

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