Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nintendo World NYC Walkthrough Tour (June 2014)

As promised, here's a new look at The Nintendo World Store in New York City! I haven't been to the shop in about four years since Capcom did their Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Pre-Launch Party on the Wii. I did get to go there when they where the New York City Pokemon Center. Some of the spirit of the original Pokemon Center still exist at Nintendo World but it keeps getting smaller and smaller. It used to be the first floor was mostly Pokemon and whatever Nintendo Handheld was fresh and now it's Nintendo shirts on both floors, Wii-U on the top, 3DS/2DS on the bottom.

I went out to try the new Smash Brothers games. I had heard that the Best Buy on Long Island had a SIX HOUR WAIT so I said screw it, I'll just make a day of going to the city so I got to Nintendo World and they had it set up right. Every half an hour they gave out bracelets. You got a bracelet with a time on it and you came back to play. After you got two rounds of the Wii-U then you waited on a longer line to try the 3DS's "Smash Run" mode. The only thing they asked was that you wait another three hours before you played again so everybody else had a turn. Thankfully I got there when I did. Right after I finished the Wii-U demo I saw the whole second floor filled up with people coming in from the Special Edition NYC convention that was going on that weekend.

As I said in the video, sorry for the whole minute of the game. Even though I asked three people if I could film I just happened to get the one guy who didn't want people filming. Even though if you look online you can see tons of videos from Best Buy's around the US who let people record the matches. I just hope that Nintendo will take all of the suggestions from the fans. After every game the reps asked what you thought and where writing down what people where saying. I of course asked if they could please bring back Lucas and Ness from Earthbound, other people got WAY more technical with their questions. Let's hope they will take what the fans say and they can help make this game the best yet.

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