Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Pinball Wizard Arcade Walkthrough Tour! (May 2014)

Here we go with the fist of many videos from last weekend's trip up to New Hampshire. After I made the "unofficial" FunSpot 16 page on Facebook I noticed that some of my friends from The Galloping Ghost in Chicago where not only coming up again for the weekend but they'd also be stopping by The Pinball Wizard Arcade. So my good friend Joel Hedge (who you heard in the last podcast) took a detour and visited Sarah St. John's arcade once again.

As always Sarah takes good care of her games. She's a master technician and it shows. If you've got a problem with a game it gets turned off and she'll try her best to fix it. I shot this video on Wednesday and when we visited on Sunday before we left New Hampshire I noticed games broken that where powered back up and running. The Karnov and Addams Family pinball worked just like I played last time. (Sadly her Medieval Madness castle lock still has a missing door, so it's set to hard settings where it takes two shots to light and lock balls.

Sarah even brought in some games in her collection like the Data East Simpsons, Sega Spider-Man Arcade Game, Gottlieb's Stargate and Junkyard. Two new games she has in are the Limited Edition version of Star Trek and brand new, Mustang LE. It's the 48th cab off the line and sadly at the time I played it still running on version 1.1 software so I didn't get to see any of the new improvements that had been added into the game. For some reason in the LE I couldn't get to ride the bowl. In the Pro models during the Gear Shift Multiball your ball will go up the ramp and down the right into the bowl. In the LE it just goes back to the left flipper. There is a cross ramp which will feed the ball back to the right flipper that's not present in the Pro as well as two yellow CAUTION drop targets that pop up in the middle of the playfield. The spinning car toy is more of a nuisance because block your view of the Mustang Shot scoop. After talking to some players they told me that they preferred the static car on the Pro because it confused newer players to the game.

Be sure to tune in the coming weeks for more videos including a review of Mustang LE and Atari's Arabian!

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