Wednesday, July 9, 2014

PinGraffix's Custom Star Trek LE Pinball

During the 2014 Pinfest I was looking forward to checking out a limited edition or premium model of Stern Pinball's Star Trek. While Marco Specialties had Metallica and Mustang they didn't have a Star Trek, however, Joe and his crew from PinGraffix brought in a special Limited Edition version of Star Trek that they decked out with a lot of custom mods. The work they do with new pinball machines is amazing. They added in a lot of cool features that you won't find right out of the box. Instead of listing them here why not check out the video and let Joe show you how they do it?

They also had a really nice custom AC/DC Luci Premium edition and some prototypes of what they want to put on Mustang. My friend Steve from the World Famous Rock Fantasy had brought in his Limited Edition Master of Puppets Metallica table with some of PinGraffix's mods and it looked amazing. If you'd like to see what these look like in person you're in luck! The guys sent over some custom mods to the guys over at The Pinball Hall of Fame and they added them into their Metallica Premium and also on their Star Trek Premiums! They also offer blades and custom aprons on a number of other games! So make sure to check them out! Big thanks to Joe and the crew from PinGraffix for letting me get a video and taking some time out for checking out the game!

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