Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bally's Eight Ball

Here is my second to last video from my time at Flippers in North Carolina. Like an idiot I forgot to bring the extra battery to my camcorder and the charging cable so even though I beefed up and got a 64 gig memory card I ran out of battery power while I was at Flippers. I had planned on getting the whole lineup of Bally/Williams games running on Color DMD's but I wasn't able too and stuck to select games I found interesting.

This one is actually off my phone, thankfully I got a clip that lets me screw it into my new tripod. As you can see it takes pretty good videos! This is a look at 1977's Eight Ball from Bally. When I went into the back room where they have a lot of video games and a few random pinballs I couldn't help but notice the REALLY nice Eight Ball that owner Dave had. After playing it I told him how nice it was. He told me it was a very important game for him. When he started in the arcade business he bought three Eight Ball's to put in some 7-11's around Virginia. He told me at the height of it's popularity it could pull in over 200 dollars a quarters folks!

So an Eight Ball came up for sale and after speaking to the owner, Dave knew he had to get it. The previous owner babied the game. It's got a new old stock playfield so it looks brand new, all of the plastics are perfect. The game had been given a lot of upgrades. It's got a new Rotten Dog power supply and boards, warm colored LED lighting and new PinLED score displays to replace the older burnt out ones. Plus the cab was repainted and looks like it just came out of the box.

Be sure to keep checking us out for the 19th episode of The Arcade Hunters Podcast as well as a final walkthrough tour of Flippers!

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