Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Discs of Tron

Hey folks! I was going to post this last night but the news of the new Walking Dead pinball machine trumped it. For some reason when you do more then one post a day on Blogger it just looks off, so I always give each post a day or two before I post the next one.

This is another video I shot while visiting Flippers in North Carolina. It's of a "cut" Discs of Tron! We already did a video of the full size "environmental" unit that's at the PAPA facility in Pittsburgh but due to the way the machine is, I had to play outside of the machine while Gerard was inside filming the screen. Discs of Tron came out in three flavors. First was the larger environmental cab that lit up and also had speakers located behind your head for a nice surround sound effect. Unfortunately for Bally/Midway the game was too large for most locations so it sold poorly. So what they did was they cut the unit down so you'll see the marquee is flat and not lit up. They ended up making a full sized upright with a normal light up marquee. (That one you can see in our two Disney Quest videos of the 4th floor)

So this unit has everything the larger cab had in a smaller space. One thing I get mixed up with is that I'm pretty sure the larger unit had more features that where left out when they made the normal upright cab. I've played the DOT at Disney Quest and it lacked the voices, but then I hear that's something that's difficult to get working on these. (See Todd Tuckey's TNT Amusements video with the full size cab that's been in the warehouse waiting for the board to be fixed.)

So after I plunked my tokens in and heard the full version with all of the sound and speech I knew I had to get another video of it. I was trying to play the version of the Xbox 360 but the sound is WAY off and sounds totally wrong, which is a shame because other then using MAME it's the only arcade quality port of the game.

As I've said about the game before the Disc Battle was meant to be in the original Tron game a year earlier, but due to time and size they couldn't fit it on. I think that it's better they did because instead of making it a smaller, fifth mini-game it's a full sized game and they constantly throw new things your way to make it harder. Sadly I didn't reach the second part when they introduce aiming lower and higher but when that's added in it makes the game that much harder. In fact according to Twin Galaxies the worlds record was done shorty after the game came out at almost 250,000 points and it still hasn't been topped. The number one score on the game was the best I did and that wasn't even 25,000 points! I would have loved to been a witness to see what the game gets like when you get over 50,000!

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