Thursday, August 14, 2014

F-Zero AX

Now here's a game I was very happy to see when I visited Flippers. Nintendo and Sega's F-Zero AX in a deluxe, full motion cab no less! I was also very unhappy because if I knew they had it I would have brought my GameCube memory card to get some extra unlock points. I was talking to the owner David and he said one of his coworkers bought the game at an auction as it was the only one they had and it was unique so they decided to add it to the lineup. Even though the first view change button fell off (or got ripped) off the game still played great.

A lot has happened in the three years since I took my iPod Touch video of the F-Zero AX unit they have over at The Game Station in Florida. Then the game was an arcade exclusive but in 2012 a hacker by the name of Ralf found that the code for F-Zero AX is actually in the home version! The problem is you need a specific Game Shark to get the code to work. I've also heard if you've got a hacked Wii there's an option on the Homebrew Channel to have it so when you load up a copy of GX you can trick it to automatically boot up to AX. For more information about that you can check out the fine folks over at The Cutting Room Floor!

According to Dave over at there's 11 other arcades that also offer F-Zero AX so be sure to check them out and see if there's one near you! It's cool that you can find a way to hack and unlock it in the home version but nothing beats getting to play it in the full size deluxe cab with the force feedback and the chair that sways side to side!

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