Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Metallica LE Version 1.51 Review

It's been a while since we've had a video of Metallica here on Arcade Hunters. A few months ago Stern held a public poll to ask fans which two songs not currently in the game they would like to see added in along with a major update. The game got an overhaul on the rules in Version 1.5 and Version 1.51 added in the two fan songs, Blackened and Ride The Lightning.

The last time I had the chance to play a Metallica was in New Jersey over at YESTERcades and when I visited they didn't have the new updates installed. So going from the old code back to the new code was like playing two totally different games. The software guys at Stern really listened to the fans complaints and suggestions and the game is shaping up to be one of my personal favorites. They added in a lot of new scoring opportunities and also a bunch of new high score boards. So not only can you get your name on the normal top scores but there's also scores for all of the Crack it Up modes, the Lady Justice ramps and a general combo champ.

They also added a lot of new speech from the band as well as Brandon Small who provides the voice of Sparky and the snake. Since this video is of one of the Master of Puppets Limited Editions there's a couple of other ways to score. The LE and Premium editions have spinners on the orbit shots, which the Pro models lack. One of the features that used to be a Premium and LE feature was during the Electric Chair Multiball if you shot a ball into the snake's mouth he would hold the ball and you're multiball would go into 2X scoring. They finally added the feature into the Pro model so if you can sink the ball into the snake's mouth and hit the FUEL targets the scores can really add up!

It's a great update and well worth checking out! I'm looking forward to the "Power Pack Update" for Star Trek that will be adding in more rules and Karl Urban's custom speech. We'll be sure to keep you updated on both games as they progress!

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