Friday, December 5, 2014

Street Fighter V PC and PS4 Exclusive

Now it's official. After a day of the trailer getting leaked and a few sites and YouTube channels getting copyright strikes now Capcom has the trailer hosted on their YouTube channel. 

So here it is a teaser trailer for Street Fighter V. Kind of shocked to see them announce it now in December instead of hyping people up at E3 or the next Evolution tournament. It seems that the "Hadoken Cabs" video that came out was a clue that Sony was up with something. So it looks like the game is going to be a Playstation 4 and PC exclusive. So no Xbox One or Wii-U. (Wonder if they'll try to do a 3DS port like they did with Super SFIV?)

No mention of a Japanese arcade release. Even though there's more footage of people playing older Street Fighter games in arcades they just go, nope! PS4 and PC only folks! I know the usual crap that people will say "Arcades are dead..LOL!" but they still have a small but dedicated following in Japan. I hope they'll consider public tests in the arcades. You really need to get the game out in the hands of the fans to really BETA test it. After seeing how Skullgirls Encore had just done a public arcade test in Japan a few weeks ago makes me hopeful. I know guys like Doc from Galloping Ghost in Chicago is getting a cab ready now to throw a PS4 into so they can have an arcade cabinet for the game.

I'm not keen on them using the Street Fighter IV art style. Didn't care much for how they looked compared to the rich sprite art from the 3 and Vs. series. (Hell, they looked great in SvC Chaos too) I hope they'll improve the engine from IV. The game felt really stiff to me. I never got the hang of the Focus Attack. I think that was due to me playing characters like Blanka that weren't as good doing Focus Cancels like most of the other characters. I'm odd in fighting games, I either end up playing top tier or very low tier characters. If I find something I like I stick with it. I haven't played anything past SF IV Arcade Edition so I'm looking forward to see what they'll do with this new one.

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