Monday, July 6, 2015

Disney's Boardwalk Resort Mini-Arcade

Hey folks! Got one more video after this to finish off the Florida videos before I can FINALLY get into posting the new stuff I've been working on since I've got a new PC to finally edit stuff!

Here's a quick look at the mini arcade in Disney's Boardwalk Resort. They took out the one machine that used to give out keychain prizes and in it's place is one of the "Triple Play" classic Nintendo cabs. With that and Pac-Man's Arcade Party I love it because it's small, hardly anybody goes inside and I can play the hell out of Pac-Mania and Mario Brothers! Kinda wish they had a different racing game other then Grid. Still don't care for the more realistic "sim" racers. Thankfully Hummer Extreme Edition is good.

For those of you in the NYC area I'll be at Modern Pinball NYC tomorrow for Project Pinball's event they're hosting. Project Pinball is going around the United States this summer raising money to help put pinball machines into children's hospitals all over the US. So be sure to check them out over at Project Pinball and help them out!

I'll have a video of the event as well as my final Florida video where I show off what happened to the fabled, King of Kong Arcade!

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