Friday, July 10, 2015

The King of Kong Arcade Walkthough Tour (April 2015)

FINALLY!! I'm done with the videos I shot back in APRIL!! With the new computer here I can finally move onto new tours I've had cooking! So here's the last video I took while I was in Florida at the Orlando International Airport, of the King Of Kong Arcade....or what happened to it...

A few months ago the announcement was made that the arcade was going to be shutting down and since I had over an hour and a half to kill before my flight home to New York, I thought I'd venture down to see what exactly happened to it. Would there be a new arcade in it's place or a new shop? turns out it's none of that.

Now the place is simply called, "Relax and Recharge" and it consists of a room full power outlets to charge your phones, benches and televisions and a small corner for the kids with cartoons and some toys. That's it. They even went and taped over the old sign that used to say "Arcade".

I'm not shocked to see the place go. Whenever I visited there was barley any people in there and I don't think with the new TSA regulations you couldn't even bring home any bottles of Ricky's Hot Sauce, which is a shame because it's delicious. For me other then the decor there really wasn't anything to the arcade. The prize counter took up the most space and they had shirts, sauce and Twin Galaxies trading cards. Which I think they let you buy, I never really did ask. First time I went there the woman working behind the counter was yelling at somebody on her cell phone in Spanish and the second time I went there the girl working the counter just simply up and walked out leaving me in the arcade alone.

Of course the biggest thing I didn't like was the fact they didn't offer the game that the arcade was named on. When I met Billy himself at the first ever Kong Off I asked him about it and he told me it wouldn't make any money and people would rather play racing or shooting games or basketball instead. I did see in another video they had one of the "Triple Play" Nintendo cabs and one time I went I saw one of the Kong Off units but it wasn't turned on to play and was decorated for Halloween.

So I hope you enjoyed the last batch of videos from Florida. I will be going down again at the end of August. Since SO many people have asked...YES. I will be going to Disney Quest one final time...IF it's open. When they made the announcement that they where shuttering they didn't mention exactly when they'd be closing so I'll have to just go and find out for myself while I wear my original Polo shirt I got when they USED to sell Disney Quest related products in the store.

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