Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rockland Pinball's Open House Party!

FINALLY!! Welcome to a new era for the Arcade Hunters! I finally got my new computer, new editing software and now I can finally process all these HD videos I've been recording on the high quality camera correctly! So first up we've got a very special tour for you!

Over on Pinside we saw the folks from Rockland Pinball where going to be hosting an open house party. They had a list of a bunch of great games they where going to have out and they also said they'd be having a BBQ as well, so we pretty much had to go!

They had a tent set up with a bunch of great games including for the very first time for me playing it a "Vault Edition" of Stern's Iron Man. It was put next to an original classic version so you could see the difference with the new LED lights they added in. It really brightens up the game quite a bit. They also had a Limited Edition of Star Trek which my friend Brendan destroyed and a really odd version of High Speed that has a little bit of history behind it.

As you might see in the video for some reason this High Speed has a totally different playfiled then the one's you may have seen. For some reason it's got Robocop, Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd from Dragnet are on there. That's because this game is only one of 100 conversion units for High Speed that where made for Italy where Dragnet and Robocop where big hit movies. So to make some extra money Williams printed up 100 new playfields, backglass and sling shots and made High Speed conversion kits. Even though it's Italian the game still plays all in English and it's the same exact game as the original. They called the game "La Retata" or The Raid and the one you see in the video might be the only one of it's kind in the United States. Sadly the owner told me when the game was being shipped back to the states the backglass broke and they had to replace it with an original one.

One other thing I want to correct in the video is what I said about the Cactus Canyon: Continued. It's not the same machine that I played at Pinfest in Allentown, but it's actually the owner's own personal game he brought to the party. He told me he liked the demo of Continued he went out and got the P-ROC board as well as the Color DMD and he loves it.

Sadly the place was REALLY crowded and it also started to rain so I wasn't able to get any gameplay videos, just the tour. Hope you enjoyed this special look at the open house party! We'd like to thank everybody for having us out!

Make sure you tune in next time, all you Bemani fans will want to check out our next tour of the Nanuet Arcade!

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