Monday, March 21, 2016

The Wizard of Oz Coin Pusher Review

2600 returns with a look at a new redemption game that has been sweeping the arcades, it's none other then The Wizard of Oz coin pusher from Elaut USA. This game has been making a killing everywhere I've seen it. It looks like at this arcade the operator even put in a Wicked Witch figure as a makeshift topper! (Hence why 2600 shot the video vertically so he could get the whole machine in frame)

Unlike your run of the mill token pushers this game has a lot of extras that make it really addicting. First of all you get a joystick that can control where you drop the tokens and you also have control of a fire button to shoot as many as you can. They also have special Wizard of Oz token chips and cards that can be redeemed at the prize counter for even more tickets. Some folks might want to collect the cards or you can just trade them up for big bonus tickets!

Everywhere I've seen this game offered people are lined up to play it from Hersheypark and even Universal's Islands of Adventure (When the Florida state law allowed redemption games) and I've been hearing the game has been a real earnings monster! So next time you see it in your local arcade, give it a whirl! It's a lot of fun!

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