Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dave's Pinball Collection (March 2016)

I recently bought a brand new camera so to test it out my buddy Dave invited me over to play some games in his basement arcade! Since the last time I took a video Dave sold off many of his arcade games so he could make room for even more pinball machines. When I got there he recently finished rebuilding the upper flippers on his new Big Guns machine as well as putting the finishing touches on a beautiful Champion Pub he's getting ready to sell. It's the nicest one I've ever seen, even though I think I've only ever seen five of them in person.

Also since the last video Dave added in a near mint Data East Lethal Weapon 3 and a home use only Corvette. The game had less then 200 plays on the counter and it looks like it just came out of the box. The man he bought it from even had all the original paperwork inside of the game that you can see at the end of the video. I got a game of me playing it but I didn't do as good on it compared to the first time I got to play it!

Enjoy today's video!

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