Tuesday, April 12, 2016

No Fear Pinball Review!

Here's a look at Williams No Fear pinball machine from 1995. This game was designed by none other then the "Master of Flow" and "The King of Pinball" Steve Ritchie! The game plays like a dream game from Steve. There's no pop bumpers in the game to be found and it's non stop speed with tons of ramps and loops for combo shots as well as an upper right flipper you can use to jump the ball over and over again for tons of points.

This game has always been my Achilles Heel. Pretty much every time I play it the game is over really quick. The ramps and lanes are very tight and I mostly hit the posts causing the ball to go wild and down the outlanes. This time however I actually was able to score a billion points on it by combining the multiball along with the Payback Time hurry up mode, that I didn't even know the game had in it, but since it's a Steve Ritchie design it's got to have a Payback Time mode since it's in Terminator 2 as well as in Terminator 3 from Stern.

It's a fun game and worth checking out over on The Pinball Arcade. Give it a whirl and get taunted by the skull!

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