Sunday, April 24, 2016

Stern Pinball's Ghostbusters Pro Edition!

Hey folks, Nick back once again and I'm going out of order with the videos since we've got something special for you! The first Ghostbusters pinball machine in New York is here and I've got a video of it! This game was designed by John Trudeau who also designed Creature from The Black Lagoon, TX-Sector and most recently at Stern Pinball, Mustang and WWE Wrestlemania. Ernie Hudson is the host of the game and they made sure to include classic lines from both of the original Ghostbusters movies, so thankfully no sound-alike voice here!

One of the major thing to do in the game is, you guessed it, busting ghosts. In the middle of the playfield every 20 ghosts you catch you get something different. From the Tobin's Sprite Guide at the scoop that will give you multiple rewards, Storage Containment Multiball and even a mode called "Loopin' Supers" where the game's left ramp is lit for a limited time and you have to try to loop the shot for tens of millions a shot!

Right now the game is really fun. I enjoy the layout of the machine and the new original HAND DRAWN ART from Zombie Yeti is fantastic. I look forward to checking out the game as the code progresses!

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