Tuesday, April 11, 2017

PCEWorks Mahjong Dreams Review

PCEWorks has been in the game of reproductions for quite awhile. They have produced some stellar reproductions over the years and are no strangers to going above and beyond by including crazy extras in their box sets (Rondo of Blood Energy Drink anyone?). For their Mahjong Dreams release, they have managed to take a rare, quirky Japanese arcade port, Super Real Mahjong PII-III Custom Special and make it even more Japanese by including...panties!

From the PCEWorks website,

Super Real Mahjong PII-PIII Custom Special was a giveaway in a contest from Naxat and was never available commercially or in any way. Next took the existing PCE game and re-instated the echo (nude) graphics from the original arcade (and japanese computer) version of the game.

First off, Super Real Mahjong PII was first released in Japanese arcades in 1987 by the SETA Corporation. This title became infamous as it was the first in the Super Real Mahjong series to introduce nudity. You basically play “strip” Mahjong against a female opponent who will take an article of clothing off if you win and put an article of clothing back on if you lose a round. 

In Super Real Mahjong PIII, SETA upped the ante by increasing the number opponents from one to…two! For the home port version, both Super Real Mahjong PII and PIII were combined into a single title, giving the player three opponents to play against. The commercial version of Super Real Mahjong PII & PIII had the nudity cut out which is what makes Super Real Mahjong PII-PIII Custom Special so, special.

PCEWorks reproduced this version and threw in quite a few extras for the collector in all of us. First off, the set includes a DVD of the original Super Real Mahjong OVA anime with english subtitles for the first time. If that weren’t enough, they threw in some stickers, a couple of posters, and of course the panties! Check out the images below:

Front of Box

Back of Box

Game Disc

Stickers and DVD



The gameplay is standard Mahjong. Not much more to report here. If you like Mahjong great! If not, you may still enjoy the set due to the obscurity of the original game, or if you are a collector of arcade oddities like myself.

 …or if you prefer to play your strip Mahjong games without bumping elbows with fellow perverts, this is definitely the collectors set for you!

PCEWorks will be restocking Super Real Mahjong PII-III Custom Special later this month. Be sure check out their website and get on their e-mail list.

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