Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Pac-Man Vitamins!

The 80's were great. We will never have a decade so obsessed with excess, neon colors, and ridiculous arcade/video game tie ins again. Speaking of Tie-ins; Pac-Man must hold some sort of record. Between the cereal, pasta, wax packs, board games, bed spreads, and even roller skates; you could play, eat, sleep, and exercise with Pac-Man! But one of the oddest arcade oddities must be Pac-Man Multi Vitamins... and I just happened to get my hands on a sealed box of the pre-school variety! But first, here's a classic commercial starring Kevin Arnold!

The box is classic 80's right down to the photoshop quality comic POW word bubble. The colors are fittingly blue and yellow. The little cartoon character of Pac-Man looks like someone decided to take the Japanese style Pac-Man, turn it into a walk around character costume, and draw a cartoon character based on that walk around costume. Look closely and you can see what looks like holes for the poor sweaty person stuck inside.

Now before we open this bottle I need to point out the words "no artificial additives" on the side of the bottle. You will see why in a second...

Immediately I am hit with a nasty stench of rot and an image of what a microwaved Oreo must look like. The cotton ball looks almost liquified. But just wait for the money shot...

... BAM! That clump is what has become of the fun shaped Pac-Man Multi Vitamins. They have deteriorated and melded into what I imagine Xenomorph poop must look like.

So there you go. If you were ever curious what 35 year old Pac-Man Multi Vitamins look like, consider your curiosity met. 

Thank you for reading about rotting vitamins! Be sure to check back this weekend for more arcade related nourishment!

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