Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Super Mario Cereal!

It has been way too long since we had an arcade related cereal grace supermarkets. While the new Super Mario Cereal by Kellogg's is tied to the new Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey, the shapes are still classic Super Mario Bros. which is exactly what the gaming world needs. More Super Mario love.

Nintendo is no stranger to cereal. Ralston had the duty of delivering the forever classic Nintendo Cereal System. I mean with a commercial like this, how can it not be immortal?

I miss the days of a nice bowl of Nintendo brand cereal and watching The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, especially on Zelda Fridays! Now thanks to Kellogg's and Netflix, I can try to recapture a snippet of that dream. Lets see how Super Mario Cereal stands up.

 The back of the box has some promise. I love the inclusion of a couple of maze games and some trivia. But wait, is that an amiibo logo? Nintendo you sly dog. Yes, this box also functions as an amiibo. What do you get for scanning the box in Super Mario Odyssey? A few coins, a heart, and a marker for a nearby Power Moon. Not much, but the novelty of scanning a cereal box alone is worth the price of admission. Some people have taken to cutting out the white square on the back of the box. Sacrilege I say.

Super Mario Cereal is billed as a "mixed berry cereal with marshmallows." The star shapes have the "mixed berry" flavor which is reminiscent of Crunch Berries. Not full on Crunch Berries, but more of a subtle hint. This flavor mixes well with the marshmallows which are run of the mill cereal marshmallows.

Now the marshmallows. Someone at Kellogg's has some wild imagination when it comes to shapes and form. There are three shapes; a 1-Up Mushroom, Question Block, and Mario's hat. These were the best looking marshmallows I could find in the bowl. They get a pass, but the others...lets just say I do not remember trapezoid Question Blocks in any Mario game.

Overall I give heaps of praise to Kellogg's and their Super Mario Cereal. The flavor is not bad; like Lucky Charms with a hint of Crunch Berry essence. The main reason for the praise is because we GOT A NEW VIDEO GAME RELATED CEREAL! This is huge since cereal companies have not been producing video game related cereal; especially anything that can be linked back to an arcade. Now Kellogg's did do a limited run that sold out quickly. Super Mario Cereal was around for what seemed to be weeks before it was gone. I am hoping that this was simply a test to see if their is a demand for such a product and that we passed.  I am hopeful that stores selling out quickly of Super Mario Cereal is enough proof that we are ready for more. Currently the only place to get the cereal is from scalpers off of Amazon or eBay. Fortunately they are asking for what I consider a reasonable price; between 8 and 10 dollars with shipping. 

Thank you for reading about Super Mario Cereal, oh and yeah I was able to recapture some nostalgia munching on this cereal watching Harvey Atkin dominate as King Koopa. Your voice will always be the one I hear whenever I see King Koopa. May you rest in peace.

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