Monday, February 12, 2018

RAMPAGE Super Stretch Figures!

It may have taken over 30 years and an upcoming movie starring The Rock, but we finally have some official Rampage figures! The fine people at Lanard Toys decided to release three Rampage figures based on the original characters from the classic 1986 arcade game.

The first thing you will notice is the awesome box design. The designers have taken numerous elements from the original 1986 arcade game and incorporated them into the packaging. Not only is the original arcade marquee used, but once you take the figure out of the packaging you see some familiar burning buildings and sidewalks. I don't know whether to keep the packaging in tact, or cut out the backgrounds to make a Rampage diorama! Before you begin cutting though, you need to seriously see these figures on their own.

The figures have nine molded heads and details that, for the most part resemble the main protagonists. You may notice some coloring is a tad bit lighter and that Lizzie's head seems to resemble the Green Goblin's mask from Raimi's Spiderman, but overall a decent job. Beggars can't be choosers. The figures also make one of ten noises when you shake them. This makes for a ton of fun as you attempt to finish your weekly shopping. The amounts of stares and off putting looks I got were enough to make me feel the need to say "they're for my kids" about fifty times. P.S., I do not have any kids.

These figures are labeled as "super stretch" figures. What that means is that they are essentially monster Stretch Armstrongs. While that may seem cool, it also means that they will not stand on their own. Which leads to my biggest gripe; how do I make a Rampage diorama with a bunch of limp figures? This was my attempt to get poor Georgie to stand. Looks like I will be displaying these in their box.

Overall at a price tag that falls just shy of ten bucks, these are not bad for the arcade toy collector. These are Walmart exclusives and have been selling fast so as our buddy Pixel Dan would say, "happy hunting!"

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