Friday, February 18, 2011

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Shipping Woes

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Hey folks, Nick here with today's update. Today I was going to have my first impressions with the newly released Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, but sadly I have not gotten my copy yet. I have been all over the news of what's been going on this week and I was prepared to write a huge rant post about what had happened. That will just add to the rest of the noise that's been going around and won't solve anything, but since I don't have my game I can't talk about it and that sucks. I know this all boils down to the fact that some people didn't get a video game shipped to them on time, but when you're trying to do a website with news and info on a big time release like Marvel then I'm a little sour. So sorry if this comes off as a rant in advance.

When Capcom announced they would be releasing a special limited edition version of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 I was hyped to say the very least. Being a fan of all the Vs. games I was looking forward to getting a copy with all the bells and whistles. I placed my prerorder on Capcom's website since they were the first to offer it as well as a free t-shirt, free shipping and some people even got 10% off for a special coupon code. While I usual just get my games from Amazon I thought I'd go direct and maybe I could get the game early.

Around the middle of last month one of the members from Capcom Unity, Snow posted a picture of the newly finished special edition copies that they had just gotten. I was so hyped! Here they are! Done! I can't wait! Not only that but Snow went onto say this.

But we should point out that the Capcom Store preorder is a steal of a deal. You get the Waste of Flesh T-shirt voted on by you fans here on Unity, plus you get free shipping (99% chance it'll show up on release), either with the standard or Limited Edition of the game. Then when you get it you can rub it in to your friends.

So right after reading that I was even more hyped. Not only were the games finished but they would be here on the day the game came out at no extra charge! How could you beat that? I also informed our friend Brian over at Substance TV about it because all his local stores had sold out on preorders for the special edition so he even placed an order when I told him about it.

Fast forward to about last Wednesday. I logged onto the Capcom Unity forums to see if the chatter was going on about when Capcom would be sending out the games, to everybody's surprise the rumor was they would be shipping early so people who paid extra to get their games would have it a couple of days in advance! Then it all hit the fan as they say. People started getting really salty as they say in Street Fighter terms, including myself. When you went to check the status of your order on the official store page it would just say "Order In Process" and for many people it still says that. I tried calling up the company and was told the order was in the process of being shipped out and I should know in 5-10 business days when I would receive my order.

Well it turns out they never shipped it, for many their packages didn't get shipped until 15th and 16th the day we were supposed to get the games on our door steps. Even people that paid for advanced shipping were left in the cold. It didn't seem to matter if you paid extra to ship the package faster or when you placed your order. I had mine in on January 3rd and people that had placed an order a few days before the store stopped taking orders were never shipped out.

So for a few days the boards online have been on fire with a lot of unhappy people, myself included. From Eventhubs, GameFAQS, SRK and beyond a lot of people were left high and dry without any explanation on what happened. Thankfully a few hours ago the Capcom Store staff released this announcement.

The Capcom Store is a great place to find exclusive pre-order items and great deals on Capcom products. We go to a lot of effort to offer cool and unique items at fare prices that you can't get anywhere else. We are, at heart, a fan service.

We also pride ourselves in our customer service. This past week, something that was beyond our control occurred and it affected the shipping of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 for some of our customers. 83% of orders were unaffected and shipped out on time. Unfortunately 17% did not and on a game launch of this size, that is not insignificant. We've been reading your messages and listening to you on the forums.

We want to convey to you that your business is important to us and that we appreciate you as fans and as customers. With that being said, we are working on some fantastic ideas to help compensate the customers whose orders were affected by this shipping incident. The details of this will be revealed soon, but know that it will be something worthwhile.

Thanks again for shopping with the Capcom Store. Please don’t let this experience dissuade you from ordering some of the great products and pre-order bonuses that we have planned for in the future.

-The Capcom Store Team

So I am still a little sad that I have yet to receive my game copy of the game, but I am very happy that they finally came forward and did comment on the issue. As of now when I'm posting this my order seems to be somewhere in New Jersey on it's way here to New York. I'm not sure if I'll get it tomorrow, or Saturday but I think I may up getting it on Tuesday since Monday is a holiday. So for those of you who already have your copy, enjoy it. I hope to see you all online soon.

Till then have a good weekend and we'll see you back here next week.

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