Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stern's Metallica Pinball Teaser Video

Yesterday, after months of rumors, Stern finally made the official announcement that their next game will be Metallica. The game will be designed by John Borg, the same designer who did X-Men, Indiana Jones and Iron Man. From the teaser you can see some quick shots of the playfield in prototype "whitewood" and also some of the toys like the electric chair for Ride The Lightning and also a giant hammer.

The fine folks over at Pinball News have gone over the video with a fine tooth comb and have provided a lot of great screen shots if you'd like to check them out, click the link below!

Pinball News Coverage of Metallica

They do show a preview of the Dot Matrix Display animation. As of this video it's unknown if their still going to be using normal DMD's or will finally make the jump to a color one. Speaking of color, tomorrow we'll have a video from 2600 who recently took a trip to The Pinball Wizard's Arcade for a look at the new Color DMD of The Addams Family!

EDIT. Stern released photos today of the Limited Edition "Master of Puppets" which sold out in less then an hour after announcing it as well as the premium and pro models. Since the last few times I've posted direct photos of the machines I've noticed the links break so I won't put in any of them this time. The thing I will say I'm very happy that the pro models will have drop targets and their also using ARTWORK! No more quick Photoshop job! Honest to goodness artwork!

Photos of all 3 Metallica Machines From Pinball News

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