Friday, August 21, 2009

New Videos Inbound!

Hey everybody. I'm trying to figure out how everything with the new upload works. I uploaded the Tattoo Assassins video to and it's converting now and I want to see how I can get it so the videos will automatically be sent here to the site when their finished and uploaded. This is going to be really nice and save a lot of troubles I would have trying to embed the videos because you need to edit the videos in size before their put onto the blog.

I also put in a request to have the videos be uploaded to our YouTube channel so that way everybody can see the video at the same time. We used to give a week or two to have the video to see how well it would generate hits and collect on the advertising so now having it one upload onto two sites is going to be sweet. If for some odd reason that somebody at is reading this, thank you so much for this new updater!

Once I get more comfortable with the uploader, I will be uploading my older videos, pre Arcade Hunters, to Blip, then here to the Blog. I've been wanting to upload them for a while now, so what we'll do is get some new videos up first, then share some of the older ones here as well.

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