Monday, February 15, 2010

EspGaluda II is kinda, sorta Region Free!

More big news in the SHMUP world today as once again the fine folks over at Kotaku have broke the story that Cave's new shooter EspGaluda II will be region free, well almost. The game will be released in a limited edition box set and a standard edition. The Limited Edition will be Japanese only, but the standard edition will be region free for all! Here's the quote from Cave producer Makoto Asada;

“The Limited Edition of EspGaluda II will be region-locked to Japan because we didn’t have enough time to get the application in before pressing. However, we were able to make the standard edition region-free in to show our appreciation for the support we have from overseas fans.”

That all sounds awesome, I wasn't planning on getting the game, but now it sounds like I'll be getting the game when it drops on February 25th. But hey Cave! I'd really appreciate it if you'd give out cards to everybody that got screwed with Play Asia from Mushi. I want to play 1.5 but of course I didn't get a first printing. Even still, the game was amazing and I can't wait for Espy II. I played the first game, ESP Ra.De. on ROM, but Sarge owns the PCB for it, and I've played EspGaluda 1 in three different arcades, so I'm really looking forward to it. Big thanks to the guys over at Kotaku for breaking the story and keeping up to date with what Cave's been doing. It's really nice to see a big name gaming blog that actually reports on SHMUPS.


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