Saturday, February 20, 2010

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and Metal Gear Arcade

The Japanese AOU show is in high gear and the two biggest stories are a trailer for Sega's new Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and Metal Gear Arcade from Konami.

I'll start with VF5 first. A lot of blogs are saying that the petition that is doing is now worthless. But now seeing that Sega's working on a brand new version, why can't they release the game in arcades AND home consoles at the same time? I really hope Sega gets the message that fans of the game exist outside of Japan. I had heard the reason why is that they might have a sense of nationalism and Sega doesn't want to see non Japanese gamers getting better at a game. Like how the Koreans are some of the best players in Tekken, but as a business, I think it's stupid not to even try.

Next up is the much rumored Metal Gear Arcade. It fell off the radar a while ago and people thought they mught have canceled the game. But Konami came out swinging at the AOU show with their new game. And it sounds awesome!

The game is pretty much Metal Gear Solid 4's online mode, but in the arcade. You can play it free for all, or in teams of two on two. But they've gone ahead and enhanced the game even more. As you can see in the videos you wear a pair of 3D glasses and they also control the action on the screen. So you see what your character sees. Considering that they say most Japanese gamers get motion sickness from 1st person shooters makes me wonder how this game will work with Japanese arcade goers. Other companies have tried different control styles to bring 1st person shooters to the arcade but you never really hear if their doing well, since most of the top charts on Arcadia (Japanese Magazine that covers arcade) are never listed. Be sure to check out the site listed in the video to read more about the game. I really hope Konami takes the chance and brings the game overseas.

Metal Gear Arcade from Gigazine

Also at the AOU 2010 show there was announcements of a new Vs. Gundam game, a new version of Melty Blood and of course more UFO Prize Catcher games they you could shake a stick at. With those batch of games, I would really like to see the Gundam games be released in America. Since I don't own a PS3, I can't play the import ones they've made but I would love to see them in arcades or on other systems.

2600 will be back next week and hopefully he'll have a new video, if not I'm going to be recording some more game footage this weekend for future Arcade Home Port Reviews.

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